Sunday, 21 June 2015

Clare-Alana and the Flood Banks

It is always good to get out on location; so my first location shoot of the year was a trip to Chichester Harbour with Clare-Alana.The atmosphere of the location is one of wildness and kind of Retro. It was a little tricky at times with trekkers and dog walkers when shooting fashion nudes but I am sure no one noticed apart from a couple of dogs who were more alert than their owners. With the wind it was ideal to capture the windswept look and loneliness. Anyway sit back and enjoy what we created.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Olivia in Brighton With Mr Jax

It was all very last minute but I really wanted to do something location. I was even more enthused as it was Brighton and with the beautiful Olivia Harriet who is a fashion, commercial and editorial model. Olivia wanted to bring her dog so that was fine and I was expecting a small dog as she was coming from London on the train. To my surprise Mr Jax was a Wolfdog and huge. One of my favourite location shoots is wander and stop. So street, Pavilion and beach all combined. The star of the show with the people of Brighton was definitely Mr Jax and with his gentle nature everyone from children upwards were lining up to make a fuss. The day just breezed past and was really pleased with so many great shots.