Sunday, 21 January 2018

Marlyn the Magnificent

The excitement level always increases when Marlyn is due to arrive for a shoot. Ever since the very first shoot there are always surprises. First thing is hair and yet again it was different with long plait weaves. We seem to know each other backwards. Marlyn always pushes the boundaries when posing with all sorts of creativity. Plenty of laughs and banter surround our image making which all helps to achieve successful images.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Serenity in the Outside World

Meeting up with Serenity was going to be very different from last time as we were going to shoot on location. It was the hottest day of the entire year so moving around was hard going. First location was the Gunpowder Mills at Chilworth. This was a place crucial to war especially the Napoleonic War. For a start there were quite a number of people around. After a while we were left on our own to create something more arty. The old mill buildings are perfect for artistic work and I as photographer can shoot from high up. The second location was nearby St Martha's Church. This is set high on a hill and very hard work climbing. We had to be respectful of our surroundings but we were able to create some drama.