Sunday, 13 March 2016

Olivia and The Rolling Stones

Ideas, plans? These are great but putting them into action takes time. I wanted to find some old Vogue covers so I went searching in local charity shops particularly Oxfam Books. This proved to be a fruitless task but there on a shelf was a very interesting alternative; a photo book of classic Rolling Stones images. Having purchased this for £3.99 I sorted with the wonderful Olivia Harriet a date to shoot. Taking the book apart and selecting the pages took some considerable time. I opted for all Black and White images as they so much more impact. Putting all the pages together was the next task as I felt there needed to be a conscious flow. The following morning Olivia arrived and her being a rock fan she was very keen to get started. Working with Olivia had been great in Brighton for our first shoot so I was confident it would be a success. Changes in lighting, outfits and props ensured an interesting array of diversified images which created a mix of retro and contemporary moods. 
Part 2 of our shoot to come later.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Rachel and Fashion

Rachel is very keen to get noticed in the fashion world. She turned up for the shoot with a MUA with a determination to get quality out of her images. We settled into our shoot with plenty of friendly discussion and help from me to get the sort of fashion poses that would get noticed. It was important to get some beauty portraits also. Successful shoot.