Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Cee and Seaside

After a large gap from shooting together Cee and I arranged a shoot. Having been told about the improvements to the beach area of Littlehampton I checked out images and it was ideal. Waking up in the morning it was cloudy but rather than cancel we went ahead. On reaching Littlehampton early to check everything out I could see the sky clearing out to see and by the time we were ready to shoot it was perfect and the tide was out making the sea a quarter of a mile away giving a huge expanse to play with. Cee was as usual in great form. Chatting and shooting on the beach was a great start. We then moved to the newly painted beach huts. The vibrant colours just jumped. and we had a play with shapes and colours. From here we moved on to the World's Longest Bench. It has been sculptured into curves at each end. Perfect indeed but shooting was a task and in order to get detail in Cee I had to over-expose by two stops. Results were brilliant. Finally we used a amphitheatre dish which was great for atmosphere and movement. All complete we sat down at the very funky beach cafe for a very deserved drink. Just enjoy!

Friday, 31 July 2015

A Day with Relentless

When you work with someone who is starting out but ambitious then the combination of enthusiasm and fresh ideas becomes obvious straight away. Relentless was so reliable with organisation so we got on great. A mixture of ideas and creativity along with no inhibitions made it comfortable for fashion and fashion-nude work with plenty of attitude and learning. While conversation flowed easily the time really raced on and we got so much done in a short time. So just sit back and enjoy the images.