Sunday, 15 November 2015

Ijoema, The Lost Village and The Windmill

When it comes to choosing locations I like to find new places and sometimes return after a long time. With Ijoema it was a bit of both. Tidemills near Newhaven in Sussex is a very unusual place as it is a deserted village from some 200 years ago. The flint walls still remain but roofs are long gone. The threat of rain lingered and for a while interrupted. It was good to see Ijoema out of the studio and we had fun. Moving on to the beach beyond we changed the mood creating moody shots on the pebble beach and the sea. Successfully getting plenty of shots we left for the next location; Rottingdean Windmill. We had a leisurely lunch and tacked the historic landmark. Super day with successful images with the very versitile Ijoema.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Elesha! Forest and Beach

It is always a joy to work with Elesha. Doing something different is always an aim with me so with the warm weather it was off to the New Forest with it's trees and of course ponies. The contrasty summer sun is always difficult to control but we managed and first shot in the trees and then out on the commonland that supports the famous New Forest Ponies. Elesha in her very inimitable way was always serene.
Next was off to the beach but not the one we had intended as the SatNav took us into the traffic and miles away from our destination. As luck would have it we found another beach and one with virtually no other people there. Here we stepped up to some lovely High Fashion with the super sweep of a pebble beach.
Tired and hungry we retired to a Toby Carvery joined by Elesha's mum Clare for a well earned meal.