Friday 22 March 2024

Maryna: Bridge and Beach

I had a task for a competition of "Bridges". Round my area there are not many interesting bridges. I decided Stopham Bridge near Pulborough was the pick of the bunch. I next looked for a model as bridges on their own are not very interesting. Maryna had always looked great for location photography and we decided on a cold day in January. Rather than just the bridge I decided to shoot a second location, Littlehampton on the coast. Such an interesting day talking to Maryna, who is Ukrainian. The bridge shots were tricky with the low sun. I used my big Canon camera which was not ideal for practical reasons as it is too heavy. We warmed up with a coffee in a close by pub before moving off to Littlehampton. There was more wind on the coast but we weren't deterred. Maryna had never eaten Fish and Chips, so it was a proper English experience with fresh caught fish at a classic Fish and Chip Shop with sit down tables, super. We wandered the closed amusement park as well as the beach for some atmospheric location shots. Enjoy.