Sunday, 20 May 2012

Hannah! Alternative Designs

A long time in the planning and preparation Hannah and I embarked on our shoot which was a real diversion for us both. The clothes and fashion incorporated making items from mesh and material obtained from a garden centre. Mesh, weed-block and frost-protector were used. As well as talking about the ideas we actually had to make them. Mesh was cut to size and sanded down while the fabric was cut to for outfits. We both approached the project with great enthusiasm. On the day we were joined by Make-up Artist Katie Moore. As usual Hannah was awesome and unique with her look and movement; the reason why I love to work with her. Hope you like our creations.

Monday, 7 May 2012


It is always good to work with someone again after a bit of a break. Ally is building up experience all the time and her confidence was so much better than our first shoot. This reflected in her ability to move freely and when given direction. There is never a shortage of conversation with Ally and that always adds to better creativity with models. Although a short evening shoot there was never a feeling of rushing. Very successful portfolio build with Ally who has really developed her versatility.