Friday, 30 December 2011

Marlyn Labelled

With a fantastic location shoot completed it was now off to sort out studio work. So first stop was my lovely friends at Labels Of Cranleigh to choose dresses. We chose plenty of exciting outfits. Marlyn just comes alive with creativity in studio and really did the dresses proud. Her way to move and that knowing way to hold, is something which just flows. Such a fun shoot and more to come! Look out folks! Marlyn can be booked at Pure Curvation Model Management

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Victoria won't be a Secret

Victoria is a very young fashion model building up her experience and portfolio. She is a total delight in front of camera. She moves with grace, takes instruction and works hard on being creative. We used clothes supplied by Labels of Cranleigh which provided us with beautiful outfits. We chatted over lots of things and her friend Andy joined in. Make-up was terrific and carefully done by Victoria. Victoria will soon not be a secret.

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Marlyn and the Derelict Miscellany

I had been planning a shoot at the old Brickworks since the spring and plans had fallen through each time. So a date for the shoot was set with the very talented Marlyn Woodend. We were both very excited as this would be our first location shoot together. As usual Marlyn's hair was very different. The location lends itself to so much and has the scope for further shoots. Marlyn is one of those models who has instinctive creativity which I love. The mess, the dereliction, the graffiti all added to the atmosphere making some great images.