Saturday, 21 April 2012

Efflectum Reflections

When it comes to doing something different then I am always up and eager. When messaging Effectum on Twitter we decided to work together. Being an Alternative Model she is far away from my usual subjects. We sorted our location and on meeting up walked to our chosen place which was a World War Two Machine Gun emplacement. We set about the grungy place with very low light but boosting ISO and relying on Image Stabiliser lens we got to task with some edgy images. Unfortunately we were plagued by passers-by and cut short our stay. Not being happy with the length of shoot we got in the car to search for another location. An Oilseed Rape field attracted us so we stopped. Even better was the abandoned shed with it's switches and cupboards. Happy there we moved to the field. Effectum and I were very happy with the outcome of our day and settled at a pub to review the unedited results. Efflectum was great to work with and very open to ideas adding her own pleasingly for a great shoot.

Saturday, 14 April 2012


It was another joint shoot day and I had the opportunity to work with Cee. At first it was a few shots with friend Yvonne. Cee is lovely, enthusiastic and wanting to try new things. We had great fun sharing studio time with fellow photographer Chloe Isherwood who worked with Yvonne; although I did sneak a little session in later.
We all had a great day and the rapport kept building with Cee all day and it ended with blinding colour as you can see. Always a pleasure when a new model appreciates the hard work. Yvonne's little shoot to come later.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Tashi is Back

I always love it when a model decides they need to get back to it seriously. Tashi lives very close-by so the images here come from two shoots. Initially a glamour girl Tashi has a lovely editorial face. We get on well and can work easily and without needing to plan too much. The first shoot was done in conjunction with my fellow photographer Chloe Isherwood. She was working with new model Cee. More about her next Blog. The second shoot we had the studio to ourselves and I experimented with new lighting which worked beautifully. Lots of things to come for Tashi I hope.