Monday, 25 August 2014

Seaside Stories With Abi

There are times when things fall into place because the preparation is done. I visited all but one locations which were going to use during the day and I knew things would go smoothly as communications between Abi and myself are always good. I always know that things will go well as Abi is such a switched on young lady and we get on so well. First stop was Brighton and Hove Bandstand. It's architecture is very ornate both with the structure and flooring. Most people might say that bright blue sky and lovely sunshine is perfect. Not the case as the high sun position creates harsh shadows so flash is used to compensate. Location did not let me down as you can see. 

Second stop was Shoreham Beach. A bit of a hidden gem. A stony beach with beach huts and lovely rock breakwaters which seem to shimmer. The beach huts were not occupied in the main
so selecting a couple we went ahead. Some reflecting fashion with the geometric shapes of the huts and of course my orange safari chair. Other shots came across with a more retro style. Again very important to use flash.
We wandered down the beach for bikini shots which was a little more awkward with people around but the sea was clean with just enough in the way of waves.to create fun. In the sea and on the rocks everything fitted together as we laughed and smiled. Lovely morning to our shoot and it was off to our next location. You will have to wait for the afternoon installment with the lovely Abi.....

Monday, 18 August 2014

Czech Out Lucie

Well it started off with a little chaos as Guildford came to a standstill after an accident. This gave Lucie and I plenty of time to chat about things in general so probably not wasted time. Lucie is very enthusiastic and determined to achieve interest in her images. Fairly new to modelling I left her to flow which she had not experienced before and the sense of freedom combined with a few suggestions and minor adjustments led to plenty of images with impact. We finished outside in a barley field just before the clouds folded in. An enjoyable day with a lovely person.