Sunday, 30 March 2014

Abi The Promo Shoot

Sometimes shoots arranged at very short notice turn out to be shoots full of spontaneity. My latest studio shoot with the hugely talented singer was just that. Shooting with Abi always has so much conversation too which just makes everything flow. The main purpose was to create some images which will help promote Abi as a Jazz and Contemporary singer. One of my ideas was to create an almost stage-like feel by being creative with lighting. This was a success and Abi used some of the images very quickly to create posters for her debut headlining jazz gig. Of course the shoot would not be complete without a deviation to bring out the model Diva as well as the singing Diva. We finished with some more contemporary style and our fantastic day was  complete. Abi as well as being a very talented singer is a very warm and colourful personality who makes people light up with joy.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Chloe! A Bit More Than Fashion

So with this second installment of Chloe's shoot we took aq few more risks. I like these parts of shoots where trying new ideas comes to the fore. So a little dabble with Fashion Nude slotted in well alongside beauty. There was a real buzz going on between us which led to great teamwork. Chloe has a bright future within fashion so I look forward to following her future and obviously working with her again.