Monday, 22 October 2012

Hannah! The Bright-Eyed Girl

A second installment of my shoot with actress Hannah. The main reason for working with her was her face to get some beauty shots. After all it was her face and eyes which first made me sit up and take notice. I am sure you will agree that this was so worth it. There is something very intriguing about her face. I just hope others agree.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Hannah! Pin-up Time

Once in awhile I step out of my usual approach. On seeing a wonderful face on PurplePort. Not one to sit back I took note of the name and went to search. Amazingly enough on finding Hannah on Facebook a big smile came to my face as she lived just a few miles away.
We arranged a shoot and with the most dire wet weather outside we were cosy. Hannah is from Glasgow and has a delightful lilt to her accent. We got underway with flowing conversation. One of the ideas we discussed was pin-up so that is what is shown here. More on other things later. Such a delight. Such character in her face. Beautiful!