Monday, 8 October 2012

Mel at the Beach

Not having worked with Mel for quite a while we decided on a beach shoot. The weather was fantastic but the traffic horrendous. Eventually having arrived at West Wittering and a parking space we hit the beach. Mel is very much a glamour girl on the outside but on the inside one of those lovely kind and patient people. The beach was more than busy so finding space to shoot was tricky and we really did not want to offend anyone. The light was tricky and bright to look into but we managed. As we headed into the dunes the clouds billowed up but we got some more moody shots as a result. Finishing up it started to rain which let to a major exodus from the beach and nothing as a result could move. We decided to walk to the nearest pub and have something to eat and chat. It was great to catch up with Mel who is an absolute gem as a model. Booking recommended through Pure Curvation Model Management. The images speak for themselves.

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