Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Paula in Flow

Looking for something different and knowing Paula's adaptability we set up for a short shoot together. Lunch and some catch-up time on Paula's exciting news with her college and me my struggle to make it as a photographer. So some funky clothes emerged plus a purple ukulele which was great fun. I think we established more edge in the lovely Paula's modelling with assistance from Brian the cat. 

Monday, 22 August 2011

Pure Curvation Fun Day

Pure Curvation Model Management! Not heard of them? Well spread the word. We had a great fun day with food, chat and music. We also had the fabulous Make-up Artist Rachel Nicholson giving advice on skincare as well as some creative make-up. Then there was photographer Chloe Isherwood and myself. We all had a busy time and photos taken by me are here. Pure Curvation's Jo Wood, Rehea Watson and Marlyn Woodend. Of course we had fun with Chloe and myself doubling up as chefs; Chloe the BBQ and myself with the special ClickMore pizzas.
We had a great day as Nickilee Hallett popped in to say hello and keep the laughter going. A thoroughly fun day with lovely images and cemented friendships amongst the girls. Next time it will be bigger and better.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Return of Rehea

It is always good to work with people after a long time. Especially when they started off by working with me first. Even more exciting as Rehea is starting to get some good success. Rehea has appeared in music videos, been magazine published and recently appeared on TV. Rehea is a glamour and editorial model with the most interesting and photogenic face. The aim of the day was to produce some classy glamour with some moody and more arty images. Working with Rehea is very easy and between chat and laughter we took some lovely images. Very successful and happy day.