Saturday, 25 June 2011

Portia Latex etc.

When it comes to dedication and passion you have to sacrifice time to get what you want. Portia is one of those people who has drive and energy to succeed. I think this is the furthest any model has come to work with me. It puts to shame the models living locally who cancel at the drop of a hat. Not only did Portia come all the way from Liverpool but she made her way across London to borrow clothes from a designer and then get the train to leafy Surrey.
We really did not have much time to shoot! So being organised was key including making cups of tea. Portia is infectious and very confident and with our creativity meant four outfits in two hours and it never felt rushed. Just enjoy!

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Rage and Attitude

Often if you plan too much you end up with something rather disappointing. The same goes for locations. I did have an idea for the majestic church. Formally Holy Trinity Church, built to celebrate victory in the Napoleonic Wars between 1826 and 1828. It is now a top venue for functions with grandeur called One Marylebone. Assessing the potential Rosie and Helen with change of clothes were ready and just had freedom to work together with some direction from me. It really turned out to be great fun as the images show. We were approached by a security guard supposedly who insisted on having copies of the images. Not sure how that was going to happen. We just wandered off afterwards as he was too busy on his phone and I was not prepared to give any details to him. I think he just fancied the beautiful ladies.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Never Thought I Would Win

I have been a member of Cranleigh Camera Club for some 20+ years and it where I originally got inspiration. I don't take it very seriously as the competitions are judged by people with no idea what modern portraiture is about. I occasionally win things but I never try and please Judges. I do have a few members who really enjoy my work including one guy who is 88.
I had one print which got full marks in a competition this year and three PDIs (Projected Digital Images). These were put into a competition tonight to find the best overall photo in the club for the season. The judge had nothing good to say about my print just ridiculing it. A bit like most judges. So I chuckled. It was then to my surprise he placed it 1st out of all the prints which I really found strange. So despite what he said he actually liked it very much! So there it is. The most successful image I have ever taken and entered in competition. Thank you Hannah as model. You Star! Even though he thought the glove was a cut up Marigold. Thank you Tass for the brilliant Make-up.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Mel! The Dark Side.............

It always comes as a surprise when models change their hair. Mel contacted me to tell me she was changing her hair colour. So colour done it was a matter of days before we started her portfolio update. The colour looked great as you can see. It seemed to give her an amazing confidence in front of camera as facial expressions came alive. The body postures just oozed Curvation and the outfits suited so well. Over cups of tea and a good catch-up we had a very successful and dark shoot.