Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The Legend Lives!

There comes a time when you know you need to do something despite what others think. Model Mayhem is a great website and I always invite people to comment my photos. Many people say that this is stupid but it is the way I find many models to work with. So I had a photo comment and despite the newness if the model's portfolio it was a must to indicate carefully I wanted to work with her. The hook worked and our Marilyn Monroe inspired shoot plan took shape. On meeting Beth at the local railway station there was obviously an easy rapport. We borrowed dresses from Labels of Cranleigh and started our shoot. Could not have asked for someone more inspired and the results speak for themselves. Exciting day full of creativity.... Maybe more to come.........

Friday, 14 October 2011

Rehea: Diversification

When it comes to models with diversity then so many models who I have worked with who just ease into every situation with a flow. I an very proud of them for this. My most recent shoot with Rehea was one such shoot and I was so looking forward to a project we had talked about for ages.
First up was fashion. Something Rehea is amazingly good at. Labels of Cranleigh provided some wonderful dresses... 

The beautiful Rehea is really making a name for herself. She had had TV appearances, magazine publication and has appeared in a string of music videos. With her charisma and charm who could resist choosing her for Soccer AM Soccerette for her team AFC Wimbledon. So we had to celebrate and also produce some appropriate glamour images.

The third section was the big plan and something which I feel would benefit Rehea as it is something until now very much missing in her portfolio. Rehea and I had talked this through at length and the Top Hat and Tails were borrowed from a props department. Along with a snooker cue I found in a charity shop we were ready for action. A modern/Dickensian theme was what we were aiming for. The amazing diverse Rehea pulled it off brilliantly and beyond expectations. Rehea is represented by Pure Curvation Model Management