Saturday, 29 November 2014

Natasha! Fashion Meets Art

Natasha came to the shoot with so much enthusiasm. It was very easy to progress quickly with what we were doing. There was always fun and humour as we worked which added to the success. Starting with clothed fashion it was obvious that Natasha was wanting to be creative especially with the studio chair. From there we decided on some fashion-nude and the attitude in Natasha's expressions added to the mood portrayed beautifully. For someone who has not been shooting very long Natasha has a vibrancy and enthusiasm which will really help in future shoots. We both came away feeling very positive. 

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Well Hello Dolly!

When you see a face and want to take photographs it is often a bit of a journey. It was down to good old Google image search. For those not familiar you drop the image into Google images and Google will find matches. Luckily this came up with Dolly's Facebook Page and from there to Model Mayhem. I had one idea in my head about using old 78 RPM records and here I had the wonderful help from Ben's Collectors Records in Guildford. Here I chose some interesting and varied labels. Getting the records suspended I used the same method as I had with Elesha back last year. It was trickier as these records were so much heavier. Dolly arrived and what a delight she was to work with. She had even found some monster shop display headphones. I really liked her alternative look but with such a beautiful and unusual face I was keen to include some beauty shots. We even did some cheeky lingerie to end our shoot. So a fabulous shoot I think you will agree. Thank you Miss Dolly Diamond.