Monday, 27 October 2014

Elegance with Elesha

Planning a shoot without using the normal studio backdrop for the whole shoot was a task I had not done before. My stairs are great for impact with all the timber so a very elegant Elesha was perfect for this. Using a Softbox to start with to get that sophisticated look and then using a honeycomb diffuser for all those shadows. My newly refurbished sofa was used next as I wanted the feeling of shooting in a room, With a variety of lighting set-ups and lingerie to create a mixture of fashion and boudoir. 
It was a great day with Elesha and as usual we talked loads and never felt rushed, Results speak for themselves.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Elesha "Dancing in the Street"

Elesha being a dancer and having not ever had a shoot in my village Cranleigh; it was time to combine both. We did get a few surprise looks but most village shoppers just carried on as if nothing was happening. Capturing and timing jumps was not as easy as in studio but we got there. We also wandered through the village. I was aiming to get people watching in the image but there were so few people where they needed to be. We progressed on and took some fashion images. These did have some curious bystanders as you will see. Fun images as a result. Working with Elesha is always a delight.