Thursday, 31 March 2011

Mel and the Glamour!

Mel is determined and aiming for the top in the glamour world. Our fourth shoot together saw us a team with better understanding. She is rather a perfectionist and that in an area of modelling where this is vital. Although an evening shoot we both got stuck in and images flowed well.
We did end our shoot with something a little different and more artistic which is where I am at more. Lovely shoot....

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Grafitti Grand

There are so many days which are memorable within my photographic career and this is obviously one of them. Rosie just has something and with our first location shoot together it was going to be a great day in Brighton. Graffiti was the main focus and I had been informed of various places. The weather threatened for a start but soon blew over. Our first graffiti was around the London Road where arguably the most classic sequence was taken. Having picked up the ultimate hoodie for a fiver the graffiti around the North Lanes took on an amazing series of shots. Of Rosie? Well her work and creativity could not have been better. It was then on to the Beach Huts..... What a fantastic day.

Friday, 25 March 2011


Curving into endlessness above
Searching the soul for no answers
Dizzily waiting to create havoc
Disguises everything lost in the round
Boundaries seem incessant and free
They entice you ever upward
Beckoning “This is the way!”
All looks ever-inviting and safe
Your success depends on it
You are free to circulate
Given the skeleton key
That opens the avenues of life
Turning, turning giving opportunities
Opening every door in this heady corridor
There, spiralling and infinite are dreams
Ones never met or fulfilled
Captivation is all consuming
Then you discover your peril
The spiral of curvature was down
Down all the time menacingly
Your dreams buried deeper
Deeper than one can imagine

Pete Baldrey

Saturday, 19 March 2011


Having known Harley since she was two years old it might seem an unusual situation for her to be in front of camera. This is just not the case. Harley is working hard to try and revive her modelling after a mall break and a short evening shoot was just what she needed. It was the first time we had worked one-to-one so it started slowly but then started to flow as Harley got used to everything again. Hard work and patience enabled us to have a successful evening!

Friday, 11 March 2011

Katie "The Second Coming"

There are times when a model is so enthusiastic and gets the modelling bug very quickly. Katie is one of those people and such a joy to work with. This shoot was much more creative and knowing how each other work so much easier. The aim was to get some different and very much moodier images with a whole range of different looks. Lighting and variation is vital if people are going to take a model seriously; so showing versatility was the aim! Although we had technical difficulties neither of us let that hamper the results which really did feel very pleased with. I hope you agree. 

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Vicki's Time!

It is always exciting to work with talented people. Vicki is someone I always look forward to working with for that very reason. Vibrant personalities don't come bigger than Vicki. We have worked together for more than two years and our last shoot was after the longest period we have not done so. Primarily we got together to do some dance images which I love so much as Vicki is really the only one I do this with seriously. More of that in a later Blog. We had the added bonus of Tass Collier as Make-up Artist. We set about our Sixties shoot influenced by Twiggy followed by something more contemporary. Lots of cups of tea and pizza later we finished a successful day despite awful technical difficulties! Look out for the dance images! Can't wait to shoot with Vicki again.