Saturday, 26 February 2011

Abi the Singer

It is always exciting to be asked to work on a project.and that was what was embarked upon. It was also exciting to think I had been selected. I had worked with Abi before and we are also in regular contact. Abi is a very talented singer and songwriter. Abi the Singer
We had the artistic creativity of Tass Collier with us and the day set off at careful pace. Tass Collier We needed a variety of looks so that Abi had enough publicity images for her soon to be released first solo CD. We went from retro to spacey to even grungy fashion with everyone feeling happy with the outcome. It was a great day and looking forward to seeing Abi's route to stardom.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Intoducing Daisy

I love meeting new people. It really does not matter their age. So when Daisy arrived very excited I knew things were going to be good. It is sometimes hard work getting to know and work with new people but Daisy was attentive, keen to learn about modelling and wanting to put her creative stamp on things. Results as you can see from someone very new to being in front of camera were fantastic. It really does help me with my creative ways when what I ask is done and done fantastically well.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Diversity with Cassie

Sometimes things are meant to happen and decisions made which turn out to be the right ones. It is also great when someone brings something new to the table. Cassie did just that. She brought loads of props with her and also found the very talented MUA Tass who lives just 15 minutes drive from me. We had a loose idea of what we were doing but just developed as we went. Letting things flow without too much detail in plans allows everyone to be more creative and intuitive.
So much fun resulted and pictorially so many great images.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

The Dance of Vicki Bee

It is always great to do something different with photography. It is always the unexpected that comes along which gets things going. As a less than experienced studio photographer at the time I arranged a shoot with Vicki Bee. We hit it off from the start and in talking I discovered the real passion of Vicki which was dance. With the tiny space I have as my studio being a limitation we set about seeing what we could do. We got one really good shot so we were both pleased. Time has gone on and we have had further shoots where we have implemented dance. I get very excited about it every time. Timing is important and surprisingly our success rate with what we aim to achieve is high. You will need to come back here as we aim to do more in the coming weeks.

Thursday, 10 February 2011


Sadi came for her shoot but only having a short time meant we had to work fast. We had not worked together before so it was quite demanding on both of us. It was good that we both strived for the same outcome. Sadi was very much looking forward to getting a portfolio update and I was hoping we would get shots that would do just this. Well you can judge for yourself from the images here!

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Luminitsa Variations

Luminitsa just comes buzzing with enthusiasm. Although a very last minute shoot she was immaculate in her appearance and very easy in front of camera. We had not planned anything but away we went creating as we went. Culminating in some of the most interesting images we have worked on together. Plenty of variations. Fashion, Glamour, Fashion Nude, Alternative and Art.... A very exciting two and a half hours.