Sunday, 2 March 2014

Chloe and The Fashion

I was very much looking forward to working with Chloe. I had sourced a Make-up Artist so that the fashion ideas could be enhanced.. Everything was set. Chloe was on her way when the Make-up Artist cancelled. Chloe got part way through her train journey and the train was stopped and she was put in a taxi. On meeting her at the railway station I was given a very happy wave and I knew we would have a great day. We had a brief stop to get make-up supplies. Chloe certainly was a breath of fresh air with her vibrant conversation and positivity. We sailed on with the shoot and I was motivated and inspired by Chloe's enthusiasm and we certainly got into a great flow of great shots. So here is the first installment of our fashion shoot. Enjoy and feel free to comment and share.

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