Sunday, 17 April 2011

Bluebell Beauty

Suddenly I noticed the Bluebells were about two weeks early. This meant plans with Katie needed to change and we include a Bluebell shoot in possibly the best Bluebell woods in the area. We got stuck into our studio shoot which in itself was exciting and dynamic. Lunch was pizza which is by far the most popular lunch amongst models. We then set off for nearby Ashen Copse. Because we hit the Bluebells early they were a really rich blue. They tend to go pinky later. Being slightly overcast I was able to capture the rich saturated colours. Clothes were essential in what they were and Katie's black and white dress lovely. We then used some wonderful Indian fabric which really complimented the colours of the woodland. Katie was brilliant and eased her way into the location reflecting calmness fitting with the beautiful surrounding. Exhausting day? Yes. But so, so worth it.

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