Sunday, 8 May 2011


Hiding from life escaping reality
Turns round spinning, blunting memory
Reaching but nothing to grasp
Clutching at straws which dissolve
Everyone breezes on oblivious
Hammering against a door unopening
Flashbacks all too openly vivid
Those enthusiastic dreams never emerge
The familiar, care nothing at all
There comes a time to concede
Expect that you live a different story
Knowing that break-out is a glimmer
Second chances were never an option
Primary chance destroyed completely
The past has all the answers
This holds the key to solitary status
Being kind bears a punishment
Spat out at the first minute misdemeanour
Like some ghostly devil in disguise
With all kindness and giving forgotten
Forgotten in the pursuit of selfishness
Or maybe the convincing lies of others
Torture of the Soul is complete unless…..

Pete Baldrey

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