Friday, 9 March 2012

Raphaella With Love! The Deserted Chapel

Often the best images come from spontaneity and it was very much the case here! I had been working with the wonderful Raphaella and we settled to have lunch. It was during our break that she asked if there were any locations nearby. Being put on the spot only one location came to mind that would really work. It is a deserted chapel in West Sussex I had been to before and a short drive away. Off we went. Now we are talking late January so doing nude work was going to be hard on Raphaella so we had to work quickly. This was not a problem. Thank goodness for Image Stabilisers in lenses as light was not great. Up on walls and window sills as well as the ground inside and out of the chapel. There was a real radiance and and bold mood one moment melting into soft and classic the next. Special is not the word. I hope Raphaella is as proud of the images as I am.

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