Sunday, 3 June 2012

Chloe-Jasmine! Beauty in Fashion

There are times when as a photographer when I see a face and my immediate reaction is to find out who it is. With Chloe-Jasmine this is exactly what I saw and I think you will agree with my intrigue. Good old Google came to the rescue and I found Chloe-Jasmine's Model Mayhem. Now! I never push myself into people's faces; so I just left a photo comment. Very quickly we were in contact and talking on the phone and setting a date to shoot. I sought the fantastic help of Racheal who I know through a fellow photographer. She has done Make-up for me before and I think she saw the same as I did with Chloe-Jasmine. Rachael works with fabulous RVB products. I also arranged to borrow the fabulous clothes from Labels of Cranleigh
Chloe-Jasmine is a very vibrant model, full of inspiration, enthusiasm and creativity. Our shoot was incredibly successful with the usual pizza lunch. So much fun! So much excitement from a shoot with! Just beautiful was Chloe-Jasmine.

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  1. Frankly, this is just a stunning series. I love these images. What a collaboration!

    Well done to all.