Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Abi Amidst the Ancient Woodland

Having had a lovely lunch at Devil's Dyke we embarked on our next location. It was going to be a mystery until we arrived literally. The idea was to drive and stop where it was interesting. One of my ideas was to do something with the Seven Sisters just east of Seaford. The sun was searingly hot so that was a major factor as we pulled up. Instead of heading for those chalk cliffs we saw the fantastic woodland surrounding the car park. Very ancient the woodland turned out with wonderful fallen trees. Lovely dappled light came through the branches. Even so lighting was going to be tricky so I adopted two ways. 1. With the on-camera flash. 2. ISO set at 400 and shutter speed set to the slowest without getting camera shake. Abi was her fantastic self; climbing, leaning and sitting on trees and branches. The aim to get as many different looks and feels certainly worked. It is always lovely to spend time with Abi. Being creative as a team and sharing great conversation certainly makes for a successful shoot.

1 comment:

  1. #4 and #7 are perfect.

    #4's framing and the choice of black and white just make it stand out and look so ethereal.

    #7 with the white balance and the glare at the bottom left is just a beautiful finish for a photograph. And Abi just looks gorgeous.