Saturday, 8 September 2012

Nafplion with Lina

Nafplion is a beautiful place and a real gem of Greece. Vibrant and cosmopolitan and steeped in history. In August it is far too hot during the day and short shadows would make photography rather uninspiring. Having known Lina a few years we planned to venture into Nafplion one evening. We had a lift from Tolo to from old friend Rick. Lina had not done any modelling before so we took our time. Up steep steps round narrow streets and on round the undercliff promenade.
Tired we adjourned to Taverna to Byzantine for a great meal in the narrow Venetian  designed street. We then visited our friend Christian in The Frog bar for a few drinks. Lina was wonderful both as a model and as a person. The beautiful images are some of the most talked about this year.

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