Sunday, 22 September 2013

Locating Elesha

It is always exciting to work with Elesha and when we looked at working on location it was something new to embark upon. The location was Victoria Country Park in Hampshire and the weather very hot. The park was very busy and trying to avoid the crowds was tricky and to an extent limiting. We started out at the former Netley Hospital Chapel using the deep orange brickwork to contrast. Elesha just adapted to each change within this and we caught up on all our news. Elesha always looks great no matter the situation and with the wind we just used it to our advantage with blowing hair. We moved on to a more ethereal look with long white dress and headband which gave an ethereal look. Amongst the trees and at the beach it worked equally well and even with the bright sunshine we created some interesting moods. Finally we got funky in contrast and used the perspective of the park to get some fashion with attitude and some great windblown portraits. Elesha goes from strength to strength and I look forward to shooting again and also see her really progress as a supermodel. ;-)


  1. Wonderful model you need more like this to up your port and blog to this standard, this brings it up to par then you shoot inferior models which knocks it down a peg ..more of this please .

  2. It is very nice of you to be insulting of the models I work with and remain anonymous.