Saturday, 26 October 2013

Chai in the Great Outdoors

Location set and times organised it was going to be great working with Chai in location that is until Mr Johnnie Depp got in the way. It was clear from the website that Waverley Abbey was open on the day we planned rather than closed for filming of Out of the Wood.
Having arrived it was clear that our shoot would be very limited due to all the fenced off areas (the best parts) and there were film rigs everywhere. We decided to make the best of it and Chai true to her usual self was beautiful. We used walls and trees careful to avoid all the ugly vehicles and scaffolding.
Our next location was a woodland and strangely I got it wrong and we went to the wrong place. This turned out to be a bonus as the dramatic trees and light really created a great backdrop and atmosphere. Thanks to Ryan with reflector and the ability to carry Chai to save her heels we had a great shoot and retired for lunch at a local pub.

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