Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Abi Live at the Verdict

It is always a treat to go and hear live music; especially someone I know. Abi and I go back a few years now and we do chat and share our love of music. A while back Abi played a gig at my local pub but this was going to be a really different style. Abi had been up to studio a few weeks before to get some promo images and I was pleased that one of them was used for the publicity poster. Unfortunately there was a problem. 
With the increasing problem with my hands driving for more than thirty minutes is not an option. This is where good friends come to the rescue. Nickilee and Mark came to the rescue and all was sorted.
The Verdict is a great little venue. Up at street level it is a quirky little cafe bar. Downstairs is the jazz venue. A small stage and a low ceiling with seats for around sixty people. The perfect intimate  place for creating an atmosphere. The music was totally brilliant and the quartet backing Abi were terrific. Abi just has this passion about her music and this produced an engaging stage presence which held the audience.
Gracious and appreciative of the support Abi glowed all evening and it was certainly her night. The start of bigger things I am sure. Brighton has a real jazz gem.

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