Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Cee and Seaside

After a large gap from shooting together Cee and I arranged a shoot. Having been told about the improvements to the beach area of Littlehampton I checked out images and it was ideal. Waking up in the morning it was cloudy but rather than cancel we went ahead. On reaching Littlehampton early to check everything out I could see the sky clearing out to see and by the time we were ready to shoot it was perfect and the tide was out making the sea a quarter of a mile away giving a huge expanse to play with. Cee was as usual in great form. Chatting and shooting on the beach was a great start. We then moved to the newly painted beach huts. The vibrant colours just jumped. and we had a play with shapes and colours. From here we moved on to the World's Longest Bench. It has been sculptured into curves at each end. Perfect indeed but shooting was a task and in order to get detail in Cee I had to over-expose by two stops. Results were brilliant. Finally we used a amphitheatre dish which was great for atmosphere and movement. All complete we sat down at the very funky beach cafe for a very deserved drink. Just enjoy!

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