Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Normandie With Sapphire Day Three


Day Three and the pain of my back and sciatica was really starting to hamper everything. Our first destination of the day was the historic city of Bayeux. It's Cathedral dominates the streets. As with many historic buildings renovation was taking place. We wandered the outside to find views where railings did not spoil the imagery. One periphery building had huge photos posted across windows of scenes from World War Two. With a quick break for lunch and a beer our next backdrop was a narrow street for portraiture and dance jumps. The French public were not the best to work around with the dance images. They wanted to be in the images and get their phones out to get their own photos with total disregard for what I was doing. Eventually we finished and went for a quick tour inside the Cathedral. Collapsing into the car it was off to Surville Beach. This was to prove the most difficult part of the day. A herniated disc and soft sand to walk on are not recommended. With evening light on dunes and beach I got some pleasing results. Exhausting day in the roasting heat I was done.

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