Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Daisy and the Poppies in Normandie

When it comes to planning things often fall into place. It was a no brainer to ask Daisy to join me on a trip to France even though we had only met once. I knew she was ideal as a model but I also knew she would be very sociable. As soon as she confirmed (which was all of 5 seconds). It was deciding which weekend to book. It had to be a weekend when there was a Trotting Racing Meeting at the local Hippodrome.
Setting off to drive to Portsmouth for the Ferry picking up Daisy on the way it was park the car and embark to sail to Cherbourg where Andy would pick us up. Andy is a former sub-mariner who lives in a defunct farm building which is being transformed into spacious Gites.
No peace for the wicked we had a short break and it was off to the poppy field which Andy had scouted a few days before. The weather was glorious and the images super. Once finished it was off to Oncle Scott's for something to eat and homeward to Graignes for a few cold beers on the terrace on the longest day of the year.


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