Monday, 22 July 2013

Cee at Southsea

Weather has put paid to so many location shoots this year so getting the opportunity to get out was great. Southsea is quite a sleepy part of Portsmouth and having turned up early I was rather disappointed the pier was closed off. Still there was potential very close-by. Wasteground boarding had been painted with graffiti and the ground itself lend itself to an urban backdrop. Cee had not had a location shoot before but settled into it very well. An array of bright clothes really helped.
After our rather urban theme the tide was out far enough to get down on the beach. Here there was a very different feel of windswept solitude and with muted sun and cloud it was perfect atmosphere for moody images. Cee was great and we worked really well. Ending up for a warm cup of tea at a little cafe at the pier entrance we reviewed the images feeling happy.

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