Sunday, 18 August 2013

Red for Ellie

Poppy fields don't happen very often and are usually found in late June. Having found a field in July it was a race against time to find a model. The poppies were going to disappear very fast with the hot weather and abundance of insects around. Ellie was very keen as she has a passion for red. On arriving my fears were realised as 75% of the poppies had gone. We got on with what was left and really worked hard even though the temperature was very hot. Change of outfits and mood worked really well. Ellie and I work together as a great team; so everything flowed. 
We had a bit of a surprise at the end of the shoot finding a safe which had been stolen and broken open which according to receipts scattered around it had come from Pizza Express in Haslemere. Police were informed but were not prompt in attending so we left it.

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