Sunday, 13 March 2016

Olivia and The Rolling Stones

Ideas, plans? These are great but putting them into action takes time. I wanted to find some old Vogue covers so I went searching in local charity shops particularly Oxfam Books. This proved to be a fruitless task but there on a shelf was a very interesting alternative; a photo book of classic Rolling Stones images. Having purchased this for £3.99 I sorted with the wonderful Olivia Harriet a date to shoot. Taking the book apart and selecting the pages took some considerable time. I opted for all Black and White images as they so much more impact. Putting all the pages together was the next task as I felt there needed to be a conscious flow. The following morning Olivia arrived and her being a rock fan she was very keen to get started. Working with Olivia had been great in Brighton for our first shoot so I was confident it would be a success. Changes in lighting, outfits and props ensured an interesting array of diversified images which created a mix of retro and contemporary moods. 
Part 2 of our shoot to come later.

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