Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Joy of Joy

It was all very last minute. In fact it was all very fast organisation. I put up a casting and within 5 minutes Joy had replied. The shoot was organised for the very next day with some of the best communications I had ever had with a model. First location was Waverley Abbey which is what remains of Henry VIII's Dissolution of the Monasteries after breaking away from Rome. It is a splendid backdrop with it's ruins although being open to the public one has to be careful no one strays into the frame. Images as you can see are striking and bold with Joy creating great moodiness.
Next stop was Guildford town centre. Here it was intentional to get the general public into the frame. It does take guts to carry on working with hundreds of shoppers looking on. Jumps, strong poses and the fun element all came into their own. We even used a bike outside Ben's Collectors Records for good measure.
After a late lunch it was off to Blackdown near Haslemere to use the forest in it's summer evening glory. Tricky lighting gave us contrast and attitude. Then it was off to Haslemere station so that Joy could return home after a very busy shoot.

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