Saturday, 22 January 2011

Kayt and Frank

Just remembering back, some things really do stick in my mind. I even laugh about the whole thing still. I booked to work with the awesome Kayt Webster-Brown. Looking at Kayt's work I knew I had to do something different. Along came Frank! Borrowed specially for the day. Having had lunch we set about our task which was very hard. Not from the point of view of the photography just the hilarious nature of what we we doing. I learnt so much as a novice photographer from the truly amazingly informed model that day. So many themes. Frank is just one theme from the day. So much variety as well as inspiration for the future. It was to lead to so much influence to achieve more and be creative. I went to bed that night but found myself waking up laughing at frequent intervals. Frank has long since returned home but if anyone knows where I can find Frank's relatives it would please Kayt hugely to adopt one.

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