Thursday, 13 January 2011

Where Are My Roots?

The roots for my photography go back well over twenty years. It was a hobby and nothing more. Teaching and also coaching swimming were obviously my main priorities as they brought in my income. I took photos of anything and everything. It was a matter of getting in my car and going. I was very interested in Portraits and spent many evenings printing Black and White images in my bathroom. Enduring friendships have resulted from the models I worked with.

Sam 1993

Kym 1996
Finding new models was hard and with the ever increasing demands of teaching along with more involvement with swimming coaching at a higher level; my output and creativity shrunk. For over twelve years portrait photography was firmly on the back-burner. It was only when I decided to go travelling in 2004/2005 and the advent of digital photography did things change significantly.
So there is a bit of history. Just trying to catch you up before really getting started.

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